Caught up

I’m officially caught up on Gossip Girl, and I’ve had a revelation. Didn’t take me too long, did it?

This show is completely about people with mental disorders.

That is all.


XOXO Gossip Girl

This show is almost as ridiculous and slutty as this promotional photo. And I’m not gonna lie…I love it. I watched the first season back in my freshman year in college and then never watched another episode until this week. I can’t believe I have been missing this raunchy piece of CW television. I mean, who doesn’t love bitchy rich kids exploiting other bitchy rich kids?? Umm. Everybody loves that. Duh.

The only terribly annoying thing (other than the occasional shitty video quality) is that I have an odd amount of Facebook friends who love to watch GG and then post spoilers allllllllllll over their pages. I’m behind, bitches. Keep the plot lines to yourselves. Social media is ruining my online tv life. I think there’s a problem with that. Possibly several problems. Perhaps I need to spend less time online…it could be that I need to stop being a tv slacker…? The world may never know.

I’ve watched 2 1/2 seasons in the past week. I fully intend on catching up by the time I leave Germany, which is about 4 days. Maybe I need a life. Hmm.