And if you go chasing rabbits…

…you either meet up with Jefferson Airplane or you cook rabbit for dinner.

As you can see, we clearly decided on the latter. I was hanging out at Liz and Karl‘s place yesterday and Karl needed to get something to make for dinner. We thought it would be a good idea to head out to the park and kill a rabbit. Or maybe we went to Rewe (the grocery store), stood around for 10 minutes with no inspiration, and then spotted a rabbit. Now, if you don’t know Karl, he is a chef at a fab restaurant here in Germany. So as you can imagine, as soon as he picked up the rabbit and said, “Do you want to learn a little something about cooking?” I jumped at the opportunity. Honestly, I’ve never considered eating rabbit and I don’t think I ever would have picked it on my own, but I’m glad that it happened. I apologize for the quality of my pictures this post, as they were taken on my iPod since I didn’t have my camera with me. I’m also sorry that some of them are kind of nasty.

First, Karl taught me how to de-bone the rabbit. That was pretty awesome. I took off one of the loins, kind of while resting my hand on its head, only to realize later that our little guy still had teeth and its tongue was sticking out. So basically, I was licked by a dead rabbit. Fantastic.

Kind of weird looking, don’t you think?

Karl showing me how to cut off the loin so that I could do the other side.

Karl holding the heart and lungs.

Yeah, that’s a kidney.

 Next, I helped chop up some veggies while he prepared the meat. We ended up having the rabbit prepared two ways: braised (I think) legs with gravy and strips sauteed in butter with bacon and grapes. On the side, we had couscous topped with figs. It was a truly delightful meal.

The blurry final presentation.