A day of revelations

Today, I had a few epiphanies. Let us review, shall we?

1.) People get pissy about weird things.
          -I’m fairly certain my pseudo-mom got really annoyed with me for not wanting anything special from the grocery store today. I mean, who gets irritated about that? You don’t have to spend money on me. Be happy.

2.) Some people may have the parenting gene, but they don’t have the disciplining gene.
          -Pseudo-mom has the capacity to be a really good, compassionate mother, as she proved when I teared up a little bit at the mention of my family. Unfortunately, she gives her kids everything they want. I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t want to deal with the screaming and crying, so she just gives in. Even if it looks like she’s not going to give in, and takes away a toy, for instance, she gives it back literally 10 seconds later to shut the kid up. Great.

3.) Everyone in this country should be 700 lbs. But they’re not.
           -On top of the meat thing, Germans eat giant pretzels. Also, I was offered a piece of buttered bread with nutella on it today. Enough said.

4.) If I were able to come home for Christmas, this would all be so much easier.
           -I miss my family, and if I knew I could spend the holidays with them, I probably wouldn’t have been so sad today.

5.) I’m about to be bombarded with ground beef. Seriously. Bombarded.
           -Pseudo-mom went to the store today. Three packs of ground freakin’ beef. Beef. Beef that I haven’t eaten since February 2009. Faaaaaabulous. I’ll keep my hair up so I don’t have to scramble for a hair tie when my entire stomach comes up.

Other than all that. At least I got to eat tuna tonight. I can actually handle tuna.