Let us recount today’s happenings:

1.) I woke up deathly ill and pretty darn sad. What a great start. Luckily, I got to talk to people who cheered me up, and Liz and Karl stopped by with chicken noodle soup. THE best.

2.) I ironed the shirt that goes with pseudo-dad’s lederhosen. Because his company decided it was a good idea to convene at Oktoberfest again. I’m telling you, they seriously think it’s one big conference.

3.) C (the younger child) called me “Mom” for the second or third time today. Have I mentioned that the kids call their parents by their first names? Oh yeah. So that makes me a little uncomfy.

4.) Pseudo-mom forcefully backed into the family’s second car. On accident. And I watched it all from the kitchen window. Had to walk away. Would have embarrassed her. Too hilarious.

5.) No joke: Princess Lillifee cupcakes. Pseudo-mom bought freaking Princess Lillifee cupcakes. Like I said before, bane of my existence.

6.) I was instructed to make rice for dinner, with sliced deli ham on the side. How is this considered dinner, you ask? Beats me, but it was.

So that’s that. Mostly uneventful, with the occasional spark of hilarity and irritation. Roma cannot come fast enough. As a tribute to the future, say buongiorno a Roma!


The Real Oktoberfest

So yesterday, I went with Liz and Mirjam to Oktoberfest in Munich. That was…an experience…Really fun, but totally crazy. The video only captures about 1% of how nuts it was.

Plus, it was Italian weekend. So you can imagine how that was. Liz and I were both grabbed inappropriately, while Mirjam just smacked people. Smart lady, that Mirjam. So I figured I would mostly have pictures for this post, because there isn’t much to say other than it was crazy, there were way too many people, and I had 2 liters of beer….soo here they are!
The only tent we could actually get into.

Pommes frites (obvious) and Putenschnitzel (turkey patty thing)

How cute is this baby in a dirndl??

The drunk lawn…for when you get too tipsy or want to have some (not so) alone time with a fellow drunkard. I wish that was a joke. But it’s fo-real-reals.


This family is so precious.

Cutest kid in lederhosen ever!

My first liter.

Hilarious man in a dirndl.

My second liter of bier and apfelstrudel.
Side note–I’m pretty sure that Bavarians think Oktoberfest is a business conference. Legit. Pseudo-dad and his department from work went a few days ago like it was a real business-related function. Apparently, David, a German who believes he is a fellow American who is also stuck in Germany, is going with his company too. Last time I checked, you don’t get drunk in lederhosen to better your business. But, I guess, what do I know?

In true Bavarian style…

I decided that since I posted a little something about awful German style, I would experience it myself. It was rather necessary, especially because I am going to Oktoberfest in Munich tomorrow. So here you go, my lovely readers…only for you!

First, we have the Dirndls:

I have a slight feeling that maybe Dorothy was a Bavarian who got trapped in Kansas before hitting up the Emerald City.

Now, the female Lederhosen:

Personally, I think the suspenders make it extra attractive. All I’m missing is a beer stein. While I’d like to tell you that I purchased one of these beauties, I couldn’t bring myself to actually take this seriously. Awesomely hilarious.

Rosenheim, Schmosenheim…or Beerfest?

So my first taste of Germany was the lovely sight of a family dressed in lederhosen as we drove into the city of Rosenheim. Seriously? How stereotypical. But then I remembered, “Ah! It is the last day of Oktoberfest!” Excellent. I was going to grab my camera but I didn’t want to look like that weirdo tourist on her first day in Germany…although I totally was that tourist, so I just did it later when I walked through beerfest by myself.

It became increasingly apparent that I wasn’t German when I showed up not dressed like this:

Ah. Perhaps I should have gone here first:

That would have been helpful. But anyway, the city is quaint. Plain, but nice. It’s cool to see the Alps in certain places. I think I may start going to an international church so that I can meet some people. Find the English speaking crowd 🙂 I will start German lessons in the next few weeks, so that is exciting! I’ll be able to speak yet another ugly language. Woohoo! English, Italian, and German! Obviously, Italian is beautiful..I meant that English and German are a little rough sounding. Plus, the mom and kids of my family speak Spanish (mom is from Spain) so I guess the count will actually be 4 languages because I am starting to remember and pick it back up from all of those years ago! Look out, world…my resume is about to get awesome!

Anyway, Jill and I are trying to plan a trip revolving around concerts in her last week in Europe. So far we’ve only found that Bon Iver will be around. Hmmm…must think of other bands to check out. So I’ll leave you with some pretty Rosenheim pictures!