Let us recount today’s happenings:

1.) I woke up deathly ill and pretty darn sad. What a great start. Luckily, I got to talk to people who cheered me up, and Liz and Karl stopped by with chicken noodle soup. THE best.

2.) I ironed the shirt that goes with pseudo-dad’s lederhosen. Because his company decided it was a good idea to convene at Oktoberfest again. I’m telling you, they seriously think it’s one big conference.

3.) C (the younger child) called me “Mom” for the second or third time today. Have I mentioned that the kids call their parents by their first names? Oh yeah. So that makes me a little uncomfy.

4.) Pseudo-mom forcefully backed into the family’s second car. On accident. And I watched it all from the kitchen window. Had to walk away. Would have embarrassed her. Too hilarious.

5.) No joke: Princess Lillifee cupcakes. Pseudo-mom bought freaking Princess Lillifee cupcakes. Like I said before, bane of my existence.

6.) I was instructed to make rice for dinner, with sliced deli ham on the side. How is this considered dinner, you ask? Beats me, but it was.

So that’s that. Mostly uneventful, with the occasional spark of hilarity and irritation. Roma cannot come fast enough. As a tribute to the future, say buongiorno a Roma!


This blog is now the home of a fierce feminist rant.

Princess Lillifee is the bane of my existence. Let me tell you why. She is all pink and glittery with tiaras and frilly dresses. She promotes the stereotypical, stupid “girly” crap that people think girls are born loving. Wrong! Girls are taught to like these things. And that sucks. Read a book (an academic one, preferably)! Males and females are actually pretty darn similar. So how about some neutral things? I hate when people force their kids into stuff like this. My kids went to look at games and pseudo-mom decided, no…more Princess Lillifee things! Gross. Pseudo-mom also likes for the girls to watch Barbie movies. Puke X 12. Not okay. Almost worse than Princess Lillifee. So for your enjoyment (and perhaps, disgust), I pulled together a small sample of this house’s Princess Lillifee collection.