Sometimes, people just suck.

Guess who had a stressful weekend? Oh yes, I did.

This past Saturday, there was supposed to be a craft show a few miles from where I live. I was so excited because craft shows are great places to get Christmas gifts for friends. When I arrived, there were approximately 15 food trucks and -15 crafts. That’s right. No crafts whatsoever. Irritating. Food trucks are great when you’re hungry, but I had just eaten so that didn’t help ease my annoyance. I decided (about 10 minutes later) to go 20 minutes down the road to a little town center because my mother told me that they had a lot of stuff the day before. However, before I even got on the main road, some idiot hit me while I was stopped at a stop sign. The excuse was, “We’re going through a lot. My brother died yesterday. He got shot and died.”

Hmmm…considering that was the only thing they said to me, I’ll just assume they didn’t have insurance. At least there was no damage.

By the time I got to the second place, the police had blocked off everything within a mile radius for a parade later on in the day. I had to park at a hospital and walk into town, only to find about 2 open stores that had…nothing. Excellent. So I tried Kohls. Again, niente. Waste of an entire day.

In fact, the only amusing part of the day was my 5 minutes stroll through an antique store that had this gem standing in the middle of it:

I suppose Edward Cullen could be considered an antique since he’s old as hell. But he’s also not real…so I guess you fail, ridiculous antique store. An Edward cardboard cutout with a red lipstick kiss on it is not only modern, it’s unsanitary. Someone put their lips all over that thing and you should not be selling it. End of story.

Sunday sucked too but that’s not even worth talking about. 


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