Aye, we’re a wee bit piratey!

In case you thought otherwise, Scottish people are pirates. While visiting Jillian’s family in Kilmarnock, Scotland, I happened to notice the fabulous presence of the word, “aye,” in everyday speech. You don’t get much more piratey than that unless your pillaging. So I suppose they aren’t actually pirates, but they sure sound like them sometimes. Perhaps it was a regional thing, now that I think about it. I don’t recall hearing “aye” while in Edinburgh. Hmm.

Speaking of Edinburgh, it is a gorgeous city! A beautifully layered city in between the sea and untouched mountains. It was a truly amazing sight. Edinburgh is supposedly one of the most haunted cities in the world, and the most haunted city in Europe. I can’t say that I came across any ghosts while there, but I can definitely see why it would be considered so haunted. There are narrow passageways, called closes, all over the city that are lovely, but also somewhat chilling. I can easily imagine murders happening there, completely concealed from the general population. Not to mention the dungeons and streets where plague victims were sealed in, and consequently died, in an effort to stop the disease from spreading. Anyway, here are some photos:

Lovely little mountain/hill thing.

An example of the layers.

One of the closes.

Edinburgh Castle, one of the most haunted places in the world.

Another really cool thing about Edinburgh, is that J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter there. More specifically, she wrote the series at The Elephant House, a tea and coffee shop wonderfully decorated with elephant art and chairs. As I’m sure you can imagine, like the rest of the world, I’m obsessed with Harry Potter. If I wouldn’t regret it later in life, I’d be a dumbass like Justin Timberlake in Friends with Benefits and get a lightening bolt tattooed on my hip. But I’m not an idiot (okay, so that’s up for debate…), so I’ll settle for owning all the books and films. Check out The Elephant House here: http://www.elephanthouse.biz


How freaking cute is this??

Tea with J.K. Rowling. I wish.

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