Okay..I promise to write a much, much longer and more wonderful post (with pictures) about Rome, but I have a few significant things to say for the readers of mine who have studied in the Saint Mary’s College Rome program:

1.) First dinner: L’insalata Ricca….bruschetta–enough said.
2.) Went out to dinner with Tiziano-Daniel and hung out in the Tiz for a few hours.
3.) Had Giolitti several times already. But there is a new place called Grom, and it’s also freaking awesome.
4.) Met up with Father Mark in the classroom for a quick chat.
5.) Talked to Portia in the office, and let me tell you…she’s still so intimidating. Could have sworn I was still a student. This led to a run-in with Stefania. Still such a lovely person.
6.) Pascucci everyday, basically. Bruno and Patrizio knew Jill and I were coming, but Patrizia didn’t…imagine that reaction! It was the BEST!!!
5.) Sat in on HANSEN’S class. Not tour….class. And it was just as phenomenal as her tour lectures.
6.) Having drinks at P. Gardner’s house tomorrow. BAM!


One thought on “VIVA ITALIA!!!!

  1. Hey Hannah!!! I saw you were blogging about Rome and I could not resist! God I miss it sooo much! Everything you have mentioned is soo amazing I could die with jealousy! hahaha. awww I miss Stefania so much! I used to work for her in the library and she was the nicest person ever!! and Hansen!!??? shes sooo amazing! I miss her lectures so much! Its amazing that you got to go back! I'm totally dying to go back and see everyone and i wish i could relive that semester I spent there. <(^-^)> well I hope you continue to have an awesome time in Rome and abroad!!!!Love, Cristina Bueno

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