Who remembers Koala Yummies? Well, I sure do and imagine my surprise when I found them at the store today! My giddy inner-six year old couldn’t help but do a little dance and snatch the first hexagonal box right off the shelf.

I found these once during my freshman year of college in a random store in Illinois while visiting a few friends’ families. I was convinced that I would never see them again..that it would be my last rendezvous with those cute little childhood snacks! But alas, I have found them. In Germany. God answered my prayers of sweet, chocolate filled koala cookies. I am truly delighted.

Sweet nuggets, look at these adorable things!

I think it’s a little funny that koalas, while not officially endangered, are kind of on their way out are we’re sitting here, making little koala bites, eating them. Hmmmm….well if this is what koalas are really like (ha ha), I’ll eat those suckers to extinction!

Now, I shall finish every last one while I watch season two of Gossip Girl. Good day.


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