Operation: Ravioli Overload.

The big meal for today was just what it sounds like…a crap ton of ravioli. Homemade pasta and fillings. Yuuuuuuuummy! Delicious 🙂

The beginning of the dough.
Spinach filling…delish!
Rolled out pasta…just waiting to be filled.
Pork filling
Adding the filling
Press out all of those air bubbles!! This was actually quite a problem for us. Perhaps, we are a little bit ravioli handicapped.  
Ready to be cooked!

Maybe the cooked pasta had some *ahem* imperfections, like fillings falling out, but it was scrumptious anyway. Liz decided we could sell them in a restaurant…just as long as it was somewhere artsy and we could call it “Deconstructed Ravioli.” Brilliant plan.


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