I wish I remembered my Baptism…

As most of you know, I’m Catholic…meaning, I was baptized shortly after my birth. So clearly, that’s not really in my memory.

I’ve been going to a semi-non-denominational church (I’m really not positive how it is classified) since arriving here. At tonight’s live-streaming service from Glasgow, there were baptisms. The people who were getting baptized were all adults, making fully informed decisions about their commitment to God. Now, I am interested in all sorts of religious traditions. I find them rather interesting. This kind of baptism was particularly intriguing to me. Here are the reasons:

1.) It was totally St. John the Baptist style, except in a jacuzzi-sized pool instead of a river. As a Catholic, your baby-self is held over a baptismal and holy water is poured over your head. So this was pretty interesting. They were tipped backwards by two people into the water, completely submerged, for a couple of seconds. I’m just shocked nobody hit their head on the edge.


It was just like this, but in a jacuzzi.

2.) I suppose I don’t remember it, but I’m fairly certain that I didn’t have a Relient K cover band as the musical accompaniment for my baptism. I freakin’ wish. Okay so it was the Destiny Church band, not a Relient K cover band, but they totes magotes sounded like them!

Seriously. Imagine these bad boys rockin’ out to your baptism.

 Oh, the luxury of non-denom traditions. Jacuzzis and Relient K cover bands. Sounds pretty awesome to me.


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