Travellers beware! The travel bug will bite.

Okay, so Blogger won’t let me upload these videos because they aren’t my own/aren’t on youtube…BUT you should totally click on the link and watch them. The video that will come up is called “Move” and the other two (“Learn” and “Eat”) can be found on the right hand side. This little trilogy was created by Rick Mereki, Tim White, and Andrew Lees, while on an excursion to 11 different countries in 44 days.

I came across these videos on yesterday. Usually, I will skip videos when I stumble on them, but I decided to watch “Move” when it popped up. I loved it so much, I watched the other two videos and ended up liking them even more than the first!

Seriously, I wish this could be my life! I mean, who doesn’t want to travel the world and make inspiring short films that document the trip? Simply perfect…not to mention, it just gets me all excited for the next month or so! Rome and the UK 🙂 What could be better? Mmmm nothing. Nothing could be better. Which is why I’m peeing my pants just thinking about it.


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