A new reading spot!

 Today, I visited a new park. Its grass slightly overgrown, it felt slightly hidden, like I was in a private and secret spot. There were very few people there other than me. But there were lots of birds and a few dogs passing through. The entrance to the park has this odd wooden artwork. I think it’s rather interesting looking and a pretty cool thing to come across in the middle of a relatively boring area (no offense to the Rosenheim residents who may or may not be reading this post).

These birds intrigued me, as they had a way of knowing when I was pulling out my camera. Here they are eating pieces of bread…I was pretty lucky to get any of these shots because they seemed to fly up into the nearby tree as soon as my camera made an appearance.

I love the colors of these two!
This little guy stared me down from a high branch for probably 10 minutes.



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