And it’s official…


I am leaving Germany on Oct. 23rd and am not coming back for a long, long time. There have been some unfortunate situations in my pseudo-family and for my own sanity, I must get the hell out. So yeah. I’m getting the hell out. Yes!

I will be spending a bit in Rome and then a bit in England, arriving back in the US before Thanksgiving. Woot woot!

Look at this bug that was sleeping on my counter today…I seriously tried getting it to move by pounding the area surrounding it and it would not move! Crazy looking, right?


2 thoughts on “And it’s official…

  1. I'll send you a fb message about what happened but yeah…that bug was crazy. it was real small but i noticed the colors on it and thought i would try to NatGeo that shit with my new camera…i think it was a success.

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