Oh, to be a laid back American..

Think of American stereotypes…along the lines of always on the go, hardworking, pressure to get things done in a relatively quick fashion…what are we missing that Germans have? Strict, by-the-book, scariness. If there’s one cultural thing I have noticed/been told about a million times, it’s that Germans are very rule oriented. I mean, it’s not like we have no rules in the US and everyone is just running around on crazy drug-induced, murderous rampages…but that’s kind of how we look in comparison to Germans. Seriously, on the metro into Munich the other day, a lady yelled at me because I had put my feet up on the chair next to Liz. I didn’t realize it was a big no-no here, but apparently it was. I’m not even sure of everything she said but I do know she was pretty pissed, and Mirjam ended up telling her that she was an embarrassment to other Germans..bahaha. Oh gosh. That was funny.

When I went to the park today, I noticed that no one was sitting in the grass. Everyone was sitting on a bench. So I sat on a bench too. I don’t need to be reprimanded for disturbing the growth of the grass, you know? But the grass was all that I wanted. I was so scared to sit on it that I waited like, an hour and a half before a couple of teens sat on there to move and sit under a tree. I needed to see Germans do it before I did. That could have been ugly, for all I know. Then, I was able to get some nice photos of this teeny tiny park. Enjoy 🙂


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