The Real Oktoberfest

So yesterday, I went with Liz and Mirjam to Oktoberfest in Munich. That was…an experience…Really fun, but totally crazy. The video only captures about 1% of how nuts it was.

Plus, it was Italian weekend. So you can imagine how that was. Liz and I were both grabbed inappropriately, while Mirjam just smacked people. Smart lady, that Mirjam. So I figured I would mostly have pictures for this post, because there isn’t much to say other than it was crazy, there were way too many people, and I had 2 liters of beer….soo here they are!
The only tent we could actually get into.

Pommes frites (obvious) and Putenschnitzel (turkey patty thing)

How cute is this baby in a dirndl??

The drunk lawn…for when you get too tipsy or want to have some (not so) alone time with a fellow drunkard. I wish that was a joke. But it’s fo-real-reals.


This family is so precious.

Cutest kid in lederhosen ever!

My first liter.

Hilarious man in a dirndl.

My second liter of bier and apfelstrudel.
Side note–I’m pretty sure that Bavarians think Oktoberfest is a business conference. Legit. Pseudo-dad and his department from work went a few days ago like it was a real business-related function. Apparently, David, a German who believes he is a fellow American who is also stuck in Germany, is going with his company too. Last time I checked, you don’t get drunk in lederhosen to better your business. But, I guess, what do I know?


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