In true Bavarian style…

I decided that since I posted a little something about awful German style, I would experience it myself. It was rather necessary, especially because I am going to Oktoberfest in Munich tomorrow. So here you go, my lovely readers…only for you!

First, we have the Dirndls:

I have a slight feeling that maybe Dorothy was a Bavarian who got trapped in Kansas before hitting up the Emerald City.

Now, the female Lederhosen:

Personally, I think the suspenders make it extra attractive. All I’m missing is a beer stein. While I’d like to tell you that I purchased one of these beauties, I couldn’t bring myself to actually take this seriously. Awesomely hilarious.


2 thoughts on “In true Bavarian style…

  1. Emily said…WOW.Han, I don't know which I like better!! Hehe.Actually, I do – the lederhosen are pretty cute, esp with the green shirt in the first pic. Good color for you. And funny, I thought the same thing about Dorothy and then I scrolled down and saw you wrote it as well! lolLove you!

  2. You know what? I don't hate the blue dirndl. Although, it does look like you should strap on some heels and pearls and be a stepford wife. And that would go completely against your last post lol. Love and miss you!!-Courtney

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