This blog is now the home of a fierce feminist rant.

Princess Lillifee is the bane of my existence. Let me tell you why. She is all pink and glittery with tiaras and frilly dresses. She promotes the stereotypical, stupid “girly” crap that people think girls are born loving. Wrong! Girls are taught to like these things. And that sucks. Read a book (an academic one, preferably)! Males and females are actually pretty darn similar. So how about some neutral things? I hate when people force their kids into stuff like this. My kids went to look at games and pseudo-mom decided, no…more Princess Lillifee things! Gross. Pseudo-mom also likes for the girls to watch Barbie movies. Puke X 12. Not okay. Almost worse than Princess Lillifee. So for your enjoyment (and perhaps, disgust), I pulled together a small sample of this house’s Princess Lillifee collection.



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