Ahh, Dirndls und Lederhosen

There’s much to say about German fashion. Or should I say, lack of fashion? Now, as most of you know, fashion isn’t exactly my thing..but I dress well and don’t get stupid-ass haircuts. And I will judge a heinous outfit. Unfortunately, I haven’t had my camera when I’ve crossed paths with something disgusting, so photos from the internet will have to work.

Firstly, dirndls and lederhosen are totally acceptable for everyday wear. What the crap?

As you can clearly see, dirndls are not as “sexy” as Halloween wants you to think they are. They are ridiculous.

Lederhosen aren’t much better.

I’m not even kidding, this is the extent of German fashion. If people are dressed in normal clothes, they are completely style-less. Something like this:

Seriously. Frumpy McFrumperson.

Don’t even get me started on the shoes. There are some terrible things. I’m not even going to disgrace this blog with a photo. They can’t even be funny.

Haircuts are rather interesting here too. Men’s cuts are normal, but women’s cuts are jaw-droppingly bad. Normally, you see people walking around like this:

Okay, so maybe not that extreme…but it’s not far off.

These people need to head to Milano and see what classy looks like.


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