Let’s have a slight bitchfest.

Trip to Roma booked 🙂 Perfetto. *Oct. 23-30th*

Stressful past few days…hopefully, things will improve in the near future..otherwise, there may be some peace-ing out on my part. We shall see. Perhaps I will have a talk with the pseudo-parents. Good thing I went out last night to get away from it a little bit. Jumbo drinks and yummy pretend-Mexican food at Enchiladas were a pretty decent cure. It’s also real good to know that there is a brothel across from that restaurant. So necessary. Except not.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll get a freakin’ phone soon. Email, skype, and facebook are not cutting it.

I need to do some laundry and I cannot figure out this washing machine for the life of me. I need to learn some German stat because it’s hindering my life here, apparently. I can’t even have clean clothes. How is that fair? Oh yeah..it isn’t. But I guess that’s my fault for coming over here with no knowledge whatsoever. Meh. Oh well.


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