I sure have one hilarious 6 yr old.

Name: M
Age: 6 yrs
Favorite word: kaputt
Loves: secret hiding places

This little kid is effing hilarious. I have never heard a person use the word “kaputt” over 10 times a day, let alone once every decade. The CD player is kaputt. The backpack is kaputt. The bowl of cereal is even kaputt. Just imagine a 6 yr old saying that word over and over again. It pains me to hold in my laughter each and every time. It never gets old.

What also never gets old, is her love for secret hiding places. And I don’t mean that she physically hides, I mean that she hides bags of candy in her room. She asked me to leave her room the other day so that she could hide a bag. Uhh, kid..I know you have candy in there, I watched you fill the bag. No, I’m not leaving. I need to know where it is so I can sneaky sneak take some later. Just kidding…maybe. Anyway, I convinced her to let me stay. I had to pinky promise that I wouldn’t tell her mom where it was. Pinky promises are serious business. I don’t take that shit lightly. And neither do 6 yr olds.

Another funny thing, I hear American Top 40 music in this house more than I would at Club Fever in downtown South Bend. And that’s saying something. Here I was, worried about falling behind in music (as if that could ever happen), and it turns out I live in a Top 40 discoteca. Faaaaaantastic.

Here are some of my pretty backyard flowers 🙂

And the cool sky outside my window!


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