Cookin’ in Amsterdam

Round 2 in Amsterdam was pretty different from round 1. For instance, I actually went to museums, stayed in an apartment FO FREE (yayyyahhh SMC alum!) instead of an 80 euro a night crap hostel, and I experienced the city from a living standpoint rather than a tourist one. Excellent. The first night, Jill and a few other interns from her program went to see a music recital at one of the universities. Schwell, as usual, we were late and didn’t make it…so we went to a tapas restaurant instead! That consisted of arguing socialization issues with a couple of kids. Ugh. The next night, a bunch of us took a canal tour/cruise. Rowdy? Yep. Between Vince and Eli (sorry, buddy!) needing a “gangsta” photo and Ricky squeezing a bottle of wine between his legs for “safe-keeping”, I’d say it was pretty ridiculous.

After the cruise, we decided we would go to a bar. McDonald’s beat that out. Fries and a rolo milkshake? Why, yes. Don’t mind if I do. Ricky decided to propose to me. He didn’t even get a word out before the whole McD’s lobby started clapping. I’m holding out on answering. Totally have to weigh the pros and cons of marrying a gay dude. Hah.

As for museums, Van Gogh? Do it! Foam Photography? Only do it if you like being disturbed. Though, I’m sure the collection changes.

But most importantly, I cooked risotto, and it was delicious. So let’s make it.

Risotto con Pollo

<credit JCLamsterdam for some of these photos>

A whole chicken
Four-ish cut up carrots
One whole onion
5 oz Hunts tomato sauce
12 oz Arborio Rice
1 1/2 tbs butter

1.) So basically, you will make your own chicken stock. Put the whole chicken, the cut up carrots, the whole onion and the sauce in a big pot. Fill pot with water until the chicken is completely submerged in water. Season the compilation with 1 tsp of paprika, 2 tsp of salt, 1/2 tsp of pepper and a pinch of saffron (these are all approximations). Bring to a boil and then put down to a simmer. Cook until the chicken is cooked through (about 2 hours, depending on the size of the chicken).

 2.) When the chicken stock is finished, heat butter and a little more paprika in another pot. Add in the rice and stir around a bit. Then, put a couple of ladles of broth into the rice mixture. Stir until almost dissolved. After this, only add one to two ladles of broth at one time, and stir until liquid is almost gone. It is very important to do this in order to maintain the creamy quality of the risotto.

 3.) After the rice is done cooking, salt to taste.

4.) Plate up, top rice with some grated parmesan and enjoy!


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